Why You Should Choose Dolphin Sports Academy

We Are The Best Sports Academy in UAE

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    Coaching Experience

    With over 10 years of experience, offering a wide range of sports training to choose from, we are sure to provide you with the most professional and best sports coaching class in UAE.

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    Passionate Trainers

    We started with only 40+ athletes and now we are 500+ athletes in different games across all UAE. That didn't happen just by luck, the dedication and commitment of our champion trainers stays true to every success of Dolphin Sports Academy.

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    World Class Facility

    To produce world class athletes, it very important to provide a world class sports training facility in Abu Dhabi to realise the true potential of each individual and encourage them to get out of their comfort zone and push the boundaries of success.

The best sports training classes in UAE

The best sports training classes in UAE

Professional Classes in Swimming, Water Polo, Aerobics, Self Defence, Karate, Zumba and Ballet

Find Our Sports Academys at Abu Dhabi, Ajman and Dubai

Dolphin Sports Academy is the best sports academy in teaching different types of sports. Dolphin sports academy started with Swimming lessons only. Now we have (Karate – Aqua aerobics – Self defense – Zumba – Gymnasium – Aerobics). Dolphin sports academy is giving sessions and classes in different sports for more than 500 athletes in Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai.

Dolphin sports Academy has a professional team of trainers who guarantee you quality sports training lessons in UAE for your kids. We are very keen on our work in order to give you the best outcome through our different sports programs in Abu Dhabi, Ajman and Dubai. We take care of each person to teach and train them very well to make of them good athletes coming from the best sports academy academy in Abu Dhabi, Ajman and Dubai.


Best Swimming Classes in Abu Dhabi, Ajman and Dubai

Dolphin Sports Academy

Dolphin Sports Academy was established in 2006 in United Arab Emirates.

Dolphin Sports Academy takes immense pride in training +500 swimming athletes in various parts of UAE. After participating and winning gold in many competitions since 2009 ,Dolphin Sports Academy has been a renowned for providing the best swimming lessons and programs in Abu Dhabi, Ajman and Dubai.

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